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Doing Civility: Breaking the Cycle of Incivility on the College Campus provides practical ways civility can be fostered on college campuses using current research, compelling real-life illustrations, and interactive tools and exercises.

Doing Civility follows Lindsey, Sonam, Antonio, and Jacob-the four freshmen who first appeared in In Search of Civility as they grapple with new civility dilemmas on campus. These students, now in their sophomore year, provide relevant context for analyzing civility and emphasizing how greater civility can be achieved.

Each chapter includes interactive tools and exercises designed to reinforce the concepts covered in the chapter and encourage discussion. Identifying incivility is only the beginning. Doing Civility challenges readers to find practical ways civility can be applied.

College Civility Book Cover



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In Search of Civility: Confronting Incivility on the Campus explores the student culture of incivility by weaving scenarios of four real-life college freshman students with current research on civility. The four students - Lindsey, Antonio, Sonam, and Jacob - confront civility dilemmas ranging from cheating, plagiarism, and misuse of technology to alcohol, sexual misconduct, and diversity.

Designed to provoke discussion, In Search of Civility uses student stories rather than rigid lists of do's and dont's to illustrate how uncivil conduct can adversely affect individuals and the community.

In Search of Civility provides relevant context that will help students, faculty, and administrators better understand the often far reaching implications of uncivil conduct.

In Search of Civility encourages the entire campus community to aspire to achieve a more civil environment.